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Lots of work to do after Camp Caritou returned to local groups

by on September 21, 2017

On Saturday, September 23, 2017 – 10am to 2pm at Camp Caritou we will unlock the gates and welcome the media and our friends and supporters to come out to the camp. Camp Caritou is located at 63 Development Road in Bonfield. (Directions to the camp are at the end of this article.)

Lots of work to do after Camp Caritou returned to local groups

NORTH BAY (September 20, 2017) – The Friends of Camp Caritou and the Bonfield and District Lions Club are very pleased to be working together to get Camp Caritou open as soon as a possible. We are looking forward to seeing children and youth, and their leaders all learning and laughing together and making memories like generations of young people have done in the past.

“I can recall one of the last times I took a group of Girl Guides camping at Camp Caritou. I can still see the smiles on these young girls faces when the three of them, after much discussion, and a few wrong moves managed to successfully pitched their tent…all on their own. They were so proud of themselves. I can hardly wait to see this sort of confidence, team building and fun happen at Camp Caritou again.” Cindy Brownlee

The camp was closed in December of 2009 and has not been used since then. We have work to do. We will need to raise some funds and have work parties to get the camp cleaned up and back in shape before we can begin renting the facilities to local Guides and Scouts and other youth groups, as well as make the space available for rent for non youth related activities.

The camp currently has one winterized building, Algonquin Lodge, that sleeps 30. The furnace, oil tank, water system all need to be brought back to approved working order. A significant amount of cleaning needs to be done both upstairs and down in the lodge before we can consider using it again. Unless we encounter any significant problems or expense we are optimistic that this should not take more than a few months.

The fields used for tenting are a little overgrown. The latrines, picnic tables, picnic shelter and hiking trails will need attention before camping can begin, but there will be camping again in the spring. There will be marshmallows and songs around the campfire again.

An Inventory and inspection of equipment and furnishings in the lodge, as well as the camping equipment and supplies will need to be completed. We can then determine how much will need restore or will need to be replaced, but the Friends of Camp Caritou and the Bonfield and District Lions Club will take it one step at a time, with the support of our friends and our community we can accomplish anything.

The camp was closed in 2009 and many things have happened between then and now. We certainly have many people to thank who have supported us all along the way. Don Wallace of Wallace and Klein partners in law for his many years of tireless and dedicated work. We also need to thank other members of his legal team including Melissa Sagat, Jack Wallace, Debbie, and Cathy.

The Bonfield and District Lions Club for their belief in The Friends Of Camp Caritou and the willingness to commit to making this endeavour a success. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership.

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for the assistance in working out this settlement.

Elsa and Dick Tafel who have been Camp Caritou supports since 1960 and were instrumental in initiating this effort to get the camp back.

To our current and former board of directors for the Friends of Camp Caritou; Lori Butterfield, Lori Hubbert, Linda Rioux, Linda Knight, Sharon Patrois, Margo Oleskiw, Thelma Blackburn, Angela Ringuette, Estelle Cameron, Elizabeth Hendren-Roberge, Cindy Brownlee, Gayle Denston, Elsa Tafel, Dorothy Burns, Connie Marcil.

The Ferris Lions Club for their years of support with out fundraising efforts including pasta dinners, plant and yard sales.

To the many members of the local Guiding community and the North Bay and Area who have supported us by sharing their expertise and through the support of our fundraising, memberships and words of encouragement. The list of people to thank is very long, but special mention to Chantal Pike, Tina Renaud, Mea Pike, Donna Robinson, Marci Becking, Mary Beth Van Trigt, Carol and BJ Szabicot, John Marcil, Clem Eggert, Jeffery Froud, Jo-Anne Groulx, and Trinity United Church.

Thank you
Friends of Camp Caritou

Camp Caritou Map pdf

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