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Tewateno Member: Bob Boychoff

by on October 7, 2011

This week’s featured member of the Girl Guides’ Claim against Tewateno is Bob Boychoff:

Bob joined the Camp Tewateno Development Committee, along with his wife, Deb, in 1996 in the earliest stages of development.

Bob has his own business which dealt in construction equipment, and his labour and equipment were generously offered to us.
Firstly, Bob and his son built Gord’s Place, our maintenance Building.
Bob arranged for the moving to our property, and re-stitching, of the school portable. Now named The Den, Bob was responsible for arranging and overseeing this project.
Bob arranged for the installation and oversaw the maintenance of the solar system on Pioneer Site.
Bob was one of three men who undertook to investigate security systems, since Camp Tewateno had undergone several severe vandalism attacks. The recommendation of the system chosen by Bob and the team of three, helped us find stolen property and severely curtailed the amount of vandalism at the camp.
Bob trenched all the way around the roads in order to install wire to add security cameras in case it is ever necessary.
Bob was instrumental in bringing hydro to the camp property. His machinery and skill dug hydro line trenches, telephone line trenches, and Bob installed panel boxes in the maintenance building and readied the Camp for final hook up.
Bob gave the Camp free use of a large trailer in which to store equipment donated to the camp from a local institution. The trailer was used for many years, keeping things safe from weather and vandals.
Bob plowed the snow at the camp free of charge every years until 2008.
Bob drove a large flat bad full of portable toilets, alongside a river of girls and Guiders, during our huge hike-a-thons to raise money in our early development.
Bob moved the first covered wagon from the Camp to the Barrie Fairgrounds in order to help advertise the camp and recruit girls and guiders.
Bob and his family have been supporters in every project and fundraiser. They have opened their home to the Camp Development Committee for meetings and get-togethers whenever the need arose.

Bob received the Ontario Volunteer Award for his dedication to Camp Tewateno.

  1. I was a Guide leader in Barrie for a short time, when my daughter moved up the previous leaders had a great sponser from Bell Canada, the bank account was a healthy $400 +. We were told that we had to give them over $300 (can’t remember exact amounts) because we had too much. We struggled to keep our account on the plus side from then on. I was amazed by this and by how little
    our group’s share of cookie sales were. A lot of hard work and Guides Canada took the bulk of the $$$.

  2. Doreen permalink

    Way to go, Bob and thanks for all you have done at your camp. We, too, had many husbands and fathers helping and providing service to our camp but to no avail. I only hope that you and the others who are named in the law suit will see that all is not lost. Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du
    Canada, Ontario Council have lost sight of what guiding is all about. I am sure that Lady & Lord BP would be very distressed.

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