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Tewateno Guider: Sue Jessup

by on September 26, 2011

We thought it would be interesting to post biographies of the members suspended from Girl Guides and served in the Statement of Claim by Province/National this last week, to highlight their contributions and experience in Guiding. We will post one a week (approximately) until all the members of the suit are introduced.

Sue Jessup

Years in Guiding:
Over 30 years

Guide Guider
Pathfinder Guider
Cadet Guider
District Commissioner
Division Camp Advisor
Division Commissioner
Deputy Area Commissioner
Chair of 2004 B.O.B. Silver Birch Area Camp
Member of the Camp Property Search Committee
Member of Camp Tewateno Development Committee

Guiding Awards:
Gold Thanks Pin (twice)
Silver Birch Award
Team Work Award
Medal of Merit Award
Ontario Volunteer Award (twice)

  1. Pathfinder Guider permalink

    Does anyone know where I can get Camp Tewateno badges? We used to camp there and get the “dreamcatcher crests” and add each of the feathers. We will be at Six Nations site soon and wanted to get that feather to add to our collection. Does anyone have them around? Thank you very much – we appreciate it.

  2. Doreen permalink

    If this isn’t the most horrific use for the Girl Guides of Canada’s funds, I don’t know what is. Does the media know of this situation? It makes me sick to think of how the organization is treating its members. Keep the faith ladies and know that you are not alone in this persecution.

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