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We’re Still Here!

by on September 15, 2011

I know we haven’t posted anything for a while. Sorry about that. This is a slow process, but we have not given up yet. We appreciate all the support we have received from Guiders and the public around Ontario, and Canada (!) and it means a lot to us. I know it feels like nothing is happening when you don’t see anything here on the blog after a while, but take heart, we are still here. I know Ontario Council reads this blog, so feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

We are not going away!


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One Comment
  1. Anonymous permalink

    Many of us are silently suffering with the effects of losing our camps and I hope that those who continue to press on will know that we are in support of this website and their actions. Ontario Council appears to have forgotten why Girl Guides came into being in the beginning. The camp that we lost was sold to a developer and now he has severed the property for who knows what.
    On my Honour, a guider for over 35 years.

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