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AGM – From an “On My Honour” member’s point of view

by on July 12, 2011

I have been meaning to write this for a while, but life seems to get in the way, especially since it’s summer and there’s always lots going on.
But I did want to share my experience at the Girl Guides’ AGM last month before it gets too much later.

The AGM was held in Toronto on June 11, 2011, near the airport, and three of us carpooled down from up north for the event. OMH had a showing of 9 people total, I think, some of us in our OMH t-shirts, some of us in uniform. The meeting was held in a smallish room — I would estimate about 50 members of GG were there in total, including us. You could definitely tell that people noticed the t-shirts. We got a few looks, for sure, especially since a few of us stood by the door to the meeting room, greeting everyone who came in.

We had wanted to be on the agenda, but there was a problem with a terribly tight timeline (on a long weekend) and we needed to get our speech “approved” before they would let us speak. Unfortunate, but it was decided that we should have a quiet presence anyway, just to let them know we are still here.

We sat through the meeting, which consisted of very brief motions, votes, and short presentations with not a lot of discussion. There was a break while the council members voted on new members, and then we went back in for the results and the conclusion. By this time, some of the OMH members had changed into their t-shirts instead of uniform. I found it very interesting that some of the other people at the meeting who were sitting in our row, decided to change their seats for the second half, moving to the other side of the room. Coincidence, I’m sure. Hmmm.

So far, the entire experience was very low key — we were respectful, we didn’t make a scene, we didn’t sing or jump up and down, or even talk loudly, really. We were just — there. Making ourselves known.

And then — we were royally snubbed.

One of the members invited everyone to next year’s AGM in Calgary. There was music, and clapping, and someone began handing out “goodie” bags with swag and info about Calgary.

They handed out bags to the row of people in front of us… then SKIPPED OUR ROW and began handing out bags to the people behind us, continuing around the room until everyone but us had a bag! I was terribly shocked. We all were. I think the ladies in the last row behind us were shocked too, and they quickly offered to share their bags with us, which I thought was really nice of them.

But REALLY? What an obvious UNINVITATION to next year’s meeting.

I’m still fuming.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I was a leader with Girl Guides for 16 years. I totally support the efforts and actions of On My Honour. Lady Baden Powell would surely be very disappointed in the way you ladies were treated a the AGM. This is the new guiding? What a way to show our young girls how to treat others. I am no longer a member of GG as a result of the new Transformation. It has surely hurt all of Guiding.

  2. Elaine Robb permalink

    What ever happened to “respect myself and others too”, truly disappointed in their performance, but not surprised.

  3. Doreen permalink

    This was totally a snub………………..Is this what Guiding is all about? I support OMH and hopefully the word will get around and more people will understand that the honour and integrity has gone out of the Girl Guides of Canada – Guides du Canada. Sorry, but it is true, especially in Ontario.

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