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Letter to Province – from Carol

by on May 30, 2011

This is the letter I sent to my ACL, my unit Administrator, and to the Provincial Commissioner, regarding my plans for next year.

I have been torn about returning to Guiding next year, but I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot, in good conscience, encourage other people to give money to a cause that I no longer believe in. I cannot encourage children to join, nor their parents to pay for, a group where salaries of paid staff come before girl experiences. Where people in charge have decided that selling off camps is a great way to offset a deficit, even if the locals are still using the camp, and it is running in the black. Where volunteer members are dictated to, and council members hold all the cards, and all the power. Where cookie sales and registration fees go towards paying lawyers to fight Guiding’s own members, standing up for a cause they believe in.

Guiding is too expensive. I believe there are too many paid staff. I believe that Ontario Council has made poor financial choices. I believe that when Council “transformed” Guiding in Ontario, they made a bad decision. Many others believe this too, yet Council will not listen.

I believe in Guiding. I believe it is a great program. I cried when I told my daughter she couldn’t join Sparks this year. She cried too. I want all three of my daughters to be involved so much, it hurts.

But now: I will not support this Council, nor Girl Guides of Canada, in any way. I will not sell Girl Guide cookies. I will not buy Girl Guide cookies. I will not register my daughters in your organization. I will not be a leader, nor take registration fees from parents, nor encourage others to do so.

As my online form indicated, my resignation is effective June 30th, 2011.

Yours no longer in Guiding,
30th North Bay Guides

  1. June Smith permalink

    I am sad to read about the greed of the council. I was in guides for many years. It gave me many opportunities and the means to meet guides from all over the world. Every girl should be able to be a guide. When did you have to start paying a regisrration fee? when did the *council decide they had to be paid? Guides were to be for every girl not just those who could afford it. Volunteers ran everything- do we always need to be paid to help others. The council should look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves that question.We all helped and not one of us were paid.
    I had many camp experiences in Sudbury, in Sprucedale, and in North Bay.
    Did the council ask for volunteers to fill positions or just decide to pay themselves?

  2. Robin Reed permalink


    I applaud your courage and conviction.

    I have also been seriously considering whether or not I want to have a future with Girl Guides of Canada for myself and my daughter. It saddens me that Ontario Council has essentially destroyed Guiding in Ontario.

    When I received my daughter’s renewal notification and saw that registration has gone up in price again this year even though we have fewer resources in the area to use, I did not send in a cheque right away. We have no camp to go to, yet we are paying more money. I do not want to pay for Ontario Council’s salary increase or for their lawyers’ fees!

    Thank you for sharing your letter.

  3. Jewel permalink

    I totally agree with Carol’s letter and altlhough I am still part of a Trefoil Guild, am seriously thinking of departing from the Girl Guides of Canada after almost 40 years as a guider. Our area was saddened to lose our camp and now I hear that it has been sold for a million and a half dollars to an entrepreneur. So many good times were held at that camp and although we were not successful in making lots of money the girls always had fun until the year that Province ran the camp . (I think it was called ‘transformation’. I am at the point in my life that I no longer can work in an (Pack, Company) Unit but I could have supported other ways. I will not wish failure but I believe that Guiding is no longer a viable organization for today’s children.

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