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Letter to Province – from Claire

by on December 3, 2010

Dear Marnie & Provincial Council;

It is with much regret that I again write to you about our Girl Guide camps and, in particular, Camp Caritou.

First I guess our Promise and law does not mean anything to council, it was written only for the volunteer Guiders to uphold???

Lord Baden-Powell wrote a book many years ago about camping, enjoying nature, and explaining about the outdoors. What do you want us to do today??? Pin a map on the wall and show the girls this is a trail, this is what a camp looks like, and this is what nature looks like???

Yes perhaps if we lived in southern Ontario we could take our girls to many of the facilities, like Great Wolf Lodge, science centers, etc. But we don’t and do not have this type of exposure for our girls. Who wants pretend camping all year round? Is this what we have come to? How many people take their girls outdoor camping? Can we have the statistics from before and now???

Then we have costs — $1.3 million in debt. I guess so when you can afford the cost of people (are they Guiding people) travelling here to lock us out of our camp when it is still in lawyers hands??? What right do you have to put up trespassing signs that do not mean anything? Let alone that it is not legal to only put them in one location. Private property, yes — Algonquin Division’s until proven different. I was surprised they even knew where North Bay was, as I did not think Province knew of any community or city North of Toronto??

You may be able to have Guiders suspended from Guiding but it does not stop them from continuing to challenge council, as they do not have to be a member but a supporting parent, or a community to let us see the books, to have a discussion of whys and what for. Are we not a non-profit organization??? Are the Guiders not important enough????

If this sounds like I am disappointed in stating my thoughts, you are right. This is not what I was taught or given by our great leaders before me. I only hope this will be resolved soon so we can put our girls and volunteers back to believing in a great organization it used to be.

Here is a thought:

Coming together is a start,
Keeping together is progress,
Working together is success.

Yours in Guiding,
Claire Proulx

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  1. Ruth McLean permalink


    My Name is Ruth McLean, I was in girl guides from the grade of 3 to grade 9. Girl Guides was my life, and when I have children I hope that Girls Guides, and Camps like Caritou, Adelaide, Samac, and Pontypool, can be part of my childrens life.

    I woke up this morning and saw that CTV news was doing a story on camps being shut down, all over ontario due to funding. With out programs and camps for girl guides, I would have never got to learn about the outoors, and made some of my life time friendships.

    Please take into consideration that at these camps girls learn about a sisterhood, outdoors, singing, swiming, family, and respect.


    Ruth from Newcastle Girls Guides.

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