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News Article: Interview with Cindy & Carol

by on December 2, 2010

“The Grinch pays a visit to Camp Caritou”
By Kate Adams
Thursday, December 02, 2010

Area Girl Guide leaders have had quite an eventful week that now has the group looking seeking legal action against their provincial body.

For the past year, local guides have been lobbying to keep their beloved 42-acre Camp Caritou on Lake Nosbonsing from being sold by the Girl Guides of Canada’s Ontario Council.

On Monday it all came to a head when officials from the provincial office arrived before a scheduled meeting with the local group and changed the locks and seized the property….

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  1. Sylvia Dufresne permalink

    As I read the holiday words that came from both Marnie Cumming and Chris Burton this December, I was only able to read the first sentences before closing the screen. I thought that my hurt and anger at the lofty promises and ideals they purported for Girl Guides of Canada, would get less sharp with time. It was startling to me just a few mornings ago, when I reached into a drawer that was full of my favourite “Guiding” sweaters, t-shirts and sweatshirts, many worn thin with use, that I felt nausea overwhelm me. It was as if I was going to wear the words ‘LIAR’, ‘THIEF’ or ‘ABUSER’ across my chest. Those shirts that were always a symbol of sisterhood, friendship, good times, honour and high ideals, now are a reminder of how years of my life have been spent working for an organization whose ideals have slowly been turned into self-fulfilling by-laws and governances by a non-elected upper establishment. To have such a strong physical reaction to donning a piece of apparel that has been ‘comfort clothing’ for many years – caused me a deep sadness I can barely describe. I imagine that my hurt is mirrored by all of you who are still helping us in our efforts to turn Guiding in Canada/Ontario back to a better time. It is my prayer for 2011 that we are able, collectively, to get our message to people who see our endeavours as coming from a place of truth and honour, with love for the girls and each other above any desire for reward or power. Happy New Year to all, and May God Bless you.

  2. Way to go girls , very professional and you will make a difference

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