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Letter from Ontario/Canada Council

by on November 30, 2010

Letter from Marnie and Chris (pdf file, 62 KB, new window)

Reprinted below

November 30, 2010

To: Adult Members in North Bay & Vicinity

Please be advised that Ontario Council has been on site at Camp Caritou and the locks have now been changed. There is to be no further use of this facility nor are the locks to be changed again by anyone other than Ontario Council. We are moving this camp property forward to full closure, appraisal and sale.

Arrangements will be made for the equipment and supplies to be removed from the site and provided to local units for their use, other Guiding facilities, or public use. This will be decided and managed by individuals appointed by Ontario Council. If anyone has personal items at the site, arrangements will be made for these to be collected prior to the implementation of this process.

Since all of the ongoing expenses for the camp are being managed provincially, no Girl Guides of Canada member is permitted to solicit, collect or receive funds for Camp Caritou. No funds can be solicited in the name of Girl Guides to ‘save’ Camp Caritou.

Actions contrary to these directives will be considered a breach of the Girl Guide Code of Conduct. Disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the Performance Management Procedures of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada should anyone be found in contravention. As adult Members and mentors, it is our responsibility to be proper role models for the girls. We trust, therefore, that we will have your full cooperation.

Marnie Cumming, Provincial Commissioner
Chris Burton, Chief Commissioner

  1. Robin Reed permalink

    Marnie, Chris and Provincial Council

    As a Guider and mother of a Girl Guide, I was initially saddened at the thought of losing Camp Caritou. As a small mixed unit of Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides, our unit used the camp every winter for a weekend as it was easy to find activities there to interest the wide age range that we have. After the sadness, came the anger when I found out that our camp, that is not running a deficit, is being sold so that camps in Southern Ontario that are in the red can be kept open. What kind of decision is this? Northern groups now have to travel even farther to find a location to accommodate their needs for winter camping, simply because the Ontario Council could not budget properly. To take the one camp north of Doe Lake away, so that Southern Ontario can keep the many camps that they have is simply not fair…taking from the poor to give to the rich.

    I am even angrier now that the Ontario Council has taken it upon themselves to change the locks and refuse to “allow” Guiders to do what we do best and band together to save our Camp…yes, I said “our camp”. If anyone has breached the Girl Guide Code of Conduct, it is the Ontario Council, by sneaking around behind our backs, and changing the locks. What kind of role model is that for our girls? I for one want my daughter to stand up to injustice and fight for what is right, not sneak around and threaten those that do fight for what they believe in. If this is what the Girl Guide Organization now stands for, I don’t think I want my daughter or myself to be a part of it anymore. You are alienating the people that run the organization at the forefront. Without guiders, you would have no units, and therefore no money coming in, and no salaries for yourselves.

    Also, you might want to check the list of Guiders that are also mothers of members. To send a request for donation letter out the day after you send out such an insulting letter is extremely gauche.

    Robin Reed

  2. Carol S. permalink

    Marnie, Chris, and Provincial Council.

    I am so angry I want to spit nails.

    Proper role models? PROPER ROLE MODELS? You are telling US to be proper role models? When Ontario Council has repeatedly ignored us, lied to us, and shown us nothing but disrespect you want US to be PROPER ROLE MODELS? And threatening us with disciplinary action if we are in contravention? What about your repeated contraventions of the Guide Law?

    I challenge myself with the Guiding Law
    To be honest and true
    To be wise in the use of resources
    I respect myself and others too
    To know and to use my gifts and skills
    To respect our common world
    Live with courage and strength
    And to share in the joy
    Of the Guiding Sisterhood.

    You have demonstrated NONE of the Guiding Laws in this whole camp closure business.

    Honesty? No.
    Wise in use of resources? No.
    Respecting others? No.
    Respecting our common world? No.
    Courage? Definitely not. How cowardly to lock us out and run away!
    Joy? There is no joy in Guiding for me any more. You are certainly not sharing any with me.
    Sisterhood? HAH!

    How can you possibly write this letter and expect it to be taken seriously?

    Carol S.

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