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Lawyer’s Letter to Camp Tewateno – 20Aug10

by on August 27, 2010

Hello friends.  I’m not sure if we are the first, but Province’s lawyers, Heenan Blaikie LLP, have now gotten involved with Camp Tewateno and we have received an ‘ultimatum’ letter from them.  It also mentioned that our Committee was under suspension and are now terminated.  We will keep you posted.  They reminded us that no funds raised with GGC in the name can be used for a lawyer.  (Whose paying them, I wonder???). 


“To date, Camp Tewateno LPESC has failed to satisfy any of the above requests, despite its legal obligations to do so.

 …we have instructions to commence any and all legal proceedings available to ensure that Camp Tewateno LPESC does so forthwith.”

Letter to Camp Tewateno – Sylvia Dufresne – August 20, 2010 (pdf format, 48K)


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  1. Oh! So that’s where the girls fees go to every year! That should perhaps be added into an awareness campaign.

  2. Amanda permalink

    Dear Sylvia.

    I was in Girl Guides of Canada for 10 consecutive years and let me just say that I am proud to say I was in it years ago and would no be proud to say it if I was now.

    Secondly, there lawyer belongs to a firm called Heenan Blaikie and she is a very good civil lawyer with alot of accomplishments in her years in law.
    As for how she is being paid, I can only ponder the possibilities.

    Here’s her profile if you haven’t already found it yet. Trust me when I say, somehow investing in a civil lawyer to represent you and the others in fighting to save Tawetano would not be a waste and is highly encouraged.

    Here is Melissa MacKewn – Girl Guides Civil Lawyer:;jsessionid=821607426DF14A5517469F54CA765D69?id=5924

    Sincerely ,

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