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New Benchmarks for Camps

by on July 17, 2010

Finally, here is the document from Provincial Council that outlines the new benchmarks for the remaining camps.

Benchmarks – Marnie’s message July 2010

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  1. Deborah Elvald permalink

    Ontario Council sent out the benchmarks for the remaining camps to all members. It made me so mad! What did they think most guiders were going to do with this information? How was it going to support and attract new leaders? This was my knee jerk response, good or bad;

    Hello Marnie,

    You guys at the top sure spent a lot of money paying someone to come up with the most thoughtless, impersonal and complex set of benchmarks I’ve ever seen. No individual consideration, no geographic pro-ration? WoW, I’m speechless.

    We are in trouble, big trouble. We need leaders, not rules and regulations that will scare off volunteers, strip them of their motivation and then proceed to squash any feeling of value or self-worth with your authoritative style.

    Ontario council has pretty much taken out all the fun and sisterhood of guiding. You forgot one thing, we don’t get paid. My only advice is to get educated on the Organizational Behaviour of volunteers before it is to late. Guiding’s main resource and key to success is people.

    Our Community is down 9 units, we have no leaders and no one is trying to find any. I can only hope that someone is working hard to formulate a plan to recruit leaders. Why did you send out this e-mail? Do you really think anyone is going to read it, care or understand it. I could only guess at your real motives. I scanned it over why, because I am a professional accountant and it was amusing.

    Simply put, without leaders we have no units, without units we have no girls. Insert that into your formulas.

    Deborah Elvald
    1st Barrie Guides

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