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by on July 17, 2010
Hello Ladies,
I am a 2nd generation Guider, my late Mother was a Girl Guide Leader back in the early 70’s, I was a Spark Leader in the mid 90’s, both my daughters have their Canada Cords and I have a 2 year old granddaughter that we already plan her Guiding years.  We are devastated by this news, my daughters attended Camp Tewateno and other local camps many times, they have wonderful memories of “camp”.
One of the main reasons my Mother was a Guide Leader was the skills that it taught girls, especially the girls whose mothers couldn’t take the time to teach them (yes even back then some mothers had to work).  I credit Girl Guides with making my daughters into the wonderful woman that they are today, they are capable, independent, reliable – both university graduates who fully plan to be Guide Leaders one day so that they can again experience camp.  We are still in touch with their Brown Owls, even tho they have moved many many miles away.
The children of today need Girl Guides and they need camp!!!  We lead such fast paced lives that don’t have a spare minute, we spend far too much time in our cars, girls need to experience camp that is not hours and hours of driving away.  Local camps were always much more fun, a short drive away, parents could volunteer, girls could come just for the day – there’s lots of reasons to keep camps local.
Another thought that was on my mind, 100 years of Guiding, I heard there was a huge event in Toronto.  Weird, why did we never get invited?  I had been a leader for 5 years, my girls were involved from Sparks to finishing Pathfinders and they never put the word out to former guiders?  We haven’t moved, our phone number hasn’t changed – we were very disappointed to have missed out on such an event.  We take pride in being involved in the Guiding Movement, I always speak to a child that I see wearing a Spark Shirt or some other item of Guiding clothing.
It’s so sad to see that Guiding is becoming another money grubbing industry.  KEEP FIGHTING!!!  Let me know how I can help.
Bobbie-Jo Malone
Former Alcona Girl Guides Spark Leader

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