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Letter of Support

by on July 7, 2010

I fully support the efforts of Sylvia, Denise and all of the Camp Tewateno committee members. I was honoured to be there at the beginning, to be a proud member of the camp committee as the first trails were cleared, funds were raised, dreams became a reality & the guiding community became so excited, so involved. I proudly watched as our unit members camped for the first time beneath the stars, and imagined how our native sisters cooked and lived so many years before us. Watched as our future leaders in Guiding, in our communities learned to creep out of their shells and take responsibility for their actions, their futures – sang & danced; formed new friendships , learned new skills – that would carry them into their adult lives.

That was the era of guiding I was proud to be a part of, an organization that believed in the reason our founding father rallied the boys & girls together all those years ago – for the growth of its young members.

However, too often as I attended meetings at higher levels, I noticed a swing away from that purpose – the girls best interests were being forgotten – provincial & national leaders were losing site of the efforts of the local leaders, but most unfortunately the young members we were all their to support; the sisterhood and all of its strengths – the fun & support we always knew was there. There is not another organization that supports the girls & women of our communities –that give them the guidance, skills & friendships they all need.

Stand firm ladies, your fight is not in vain. I applaud you & your efforts.

I had to leave guiding for personal reasons – that storm is now passed, and I wish I was a member of the great Guiding sisterhood again – I miss it all very much.



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  1. Sylvia permalink

    The Girl Guides of Canada are boldly holding the girls and children of this area ransom in their bullying tactics to force compliance of the Camp Tewateno Development Committee. They have issued a ‘camp closed -no camping permitted’ order. The compliance issue is a disagreement between adults – likely to go to court to be decided. Bottom line – they want the money we hold in Trust for a lodge, without promising what they will do with these funds. How can an organization meant to empower girls to be strong and independant do this to the girls?? GGC is using them as pawns – and to anybody who questions them, they will point the finger of blame at the Camp Teweateno Committee for not complying with their orders. Let’s ask this question – who made the ‘camp closed’ order – us or them? Let’s ask them – “Are you familiar with the operations of the camp and prepared to take it over?” Let’s ask this question – “Will you be checking for vandalism, cutting the grass, testing the water and looking after toilets beginning now – from your ivory tower in Toronto?” In fact, you might ask “Have you, Marnie Cumming, Jill Dundas, or Carla Lyon, even once set foot on the property with a member of the Committee to show you around?”
    This is shameful, abusive, arrogant and contrary to what our formerly great organization was begun for – girls to enjoy the outdoors. Lady Baden-Powell would be furious. Are you??? Please share your feelings with Province and National and your ACL’s. We are not the first group to have the girls suffer as leverage for Province to get their way. Ask some Guiders from Port Elgin. The Camp Tewateno Development Committee has all been fired from their positions (according to Province), but we continue to care for the camp. We have been with this project since 1986, tens of thousands of volunteer hours ago. From a dream, a beautiful heritage theme camp has been built, every penny from our own efforts. Does this speak to you of recognizing or appreciating volunteers, of celebrating a beautiful new facility for the children of the future, or of rewarding the dedication and passion of many people for so long? No, it speaks to you of dictatorship, manipulation, and things our forefathers fought to suppress. If people don’t agree with you – get rid of them. Camp Tewateno’s dedicated team are not content to sit quietly and allow this to happen.

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