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Use Donations for Barrie Camp

by on June 30, 2010

Barrie Advance, Letter to the Editor:–use-donations-for-barrie-camp

Jun 28, 2010 – 2:06 PM

Use donations for Barrie camp

I have read with dismay the threatening remarks referencing “Guides Play Tug of War over Camp Tewateno” (June 17).

It amazes me that (Ontario provincial commissioner) Marnie Cumming is taking such a poor attitude. What a shame.

Regarding the funds raised and donated for the purpose of building a lodge, designated funds cannot be used for other purposes. Funds given in memory, donated or fundraised have to be returned if the situation fails.

As a substantial donor privately and from my business (A&M), if these funds are not used to build the lodge, I will request said funds, with interest, be returned, and be given to another cause of my choice. It is very shameful that Cumming has adopted such a poor attitude.

I suggest that everyone who has been involved in Camp Tewateno both financially and physically take a firm stand that the camp and funds remain in the Barrie area.

Allan Zaba

  1. Sylvia permalink

    Thank you, Claire, for your support. The Camp Tewateno Committee will not abandon the camp, but are continuing to maintain it and do all our normal activities including cutting up blow-downs on the trails, trimming the ditches, etc. Province were reckless enough to suspend everyone without having any plan or group of persons to continue with the care of the property. And they are unlikely to get people without paying them. But since they have never set foot on the camp, how can you expect them to know what is needed? Since they have never repaired vandalized teepees or have no knowledge of how to operate our security surveillance system, would you consider it a competent thing for them to suspend a whole Committee across the board? In fact they know nothing about Camp Tewateno except how much our hydro and phone bills are, and how much our rental rates are. Their kneejerk reaction is ‘if they won’t obey us and give us their money, we will get rid of them and then the money will be ours and we ae free to sell the camp’. It goes without saying that On My Honour, Camp Tewateno and each of the camps who are fighting their closures are a thorn in the side of the dictatorial clique at the head of Ontario’s helm. We are on the high moral ground in this – we care about the leaders, the girls and the communities. They care about money.

  2. Christina Morris permalink

    I think that it is absolutely unacceptable that the Province and National are not allowing Camp Tewateno to build a lodge. The community has raised funds for years to see a dream of safe camping for our children. As a parent, I am apalled that an organization like Girl Guides is requesting the money that was raised locally to support this building of a lodge. Did they do anything to support this dream? I think NOT! As a past guider and parent of three…I am completely concerned about this transformation process. This is not the guiding I recognize nor the organization I choose to support if Province and National take this dream of safe local guiding in our local community away. The last I heard, Camp Tewateno is certainly not running a deficit with local support…so what is the issue. Should there not be accountability at the Provincial and National levels as to where money does end up from the sale of cookies and registration of children into guiding? Where does this money go? Is this not a non for profit organization? Keeping camps that are running a deficit YET closing one that has raised funds and is ready to build a lodge does not make sense! Transformation should be questioned and the Province and National Girl Guide representatives should be held accountable for their actions.

    A Concerned Parent…thinking twice about whether I continue to enroll my children.

  3. Rod Purdy permalink

    Having also been involved in the Scouting movement for many years and have watched the Scouting movement die because of this same decision making process is this what you really want? It appears to me that with this type of change numbers will drop which means the girls instead of getting good solid guidance and instruction will not be on the streets doing who knows what. I certainly gop that it is not too late to look at this in a more positvie manner. I understand that in some cases the finances may not be there but to close a number of the camps proposed is only going to hurt the Girl Guides. It seems to me that all this effort should be put into recruiting and building numbers, looking at changing the program so it’s appealing to today’s young girls and then a public appeal to help keep these camps alive, to which I would strongly support.

  4. Richard Hubbert permalink

    I have been involved in the Ontario scouting movement as a leader and resourse person for over 25 years. I find this top down secretive take over to be compleatly unacceptable. Both of my daughters, now successful proffesional women were activly involved as members and leaders in the guiding movement.

    This coup being perpetrated on local leaders and girls residing in non major metropolitian areas of the province is compleatly contrary to the concept of fair play and sisterhood that made the guiding movement in Canada such a tremendus success. This is a terrible mistake and must be revisted before irreparable damage is done to the guiding movement here in Canada.

  5. Exactly the kind of support the Barrie community needs to show! Thank you!

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