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No longer secret, still unfair and unreasonable

by on June 29, 2010

Local LPESC Responsibilities June 2010

Ontario Council has released its new requirements for local property committees (LPESC’s.)  Click on the link to view.  Volunteers must comply or be replaced by someone who will.  In other words, local committees will have no say in major decisions about their camp.  They are only there to do the work.  Is this the new “Guiding way”?

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  1. I guess I am having difficulty under standing this communications from Province. First is this all the camps, Camp Caritou in Bonfield for one. Are we to let Province still run these camps when they cannot balance thier books in the first place and will do there utmost to jeaportize the funds and issues that have been presented. Can we trust them?? How can we keep going when they wont let us see the books or give us time on the issues we have now??? I am not very scepticale. It will be only a matter of time when this will be an issue again.
    sorry for the vent and confusion.


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