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Secret Meeting?

by on June 14, 2010

On May 29 one representative from each GGC camp remaining open in Ontario was invited to a meeting with members of Provincial Council to “begin our ‘go forward’ discussions and planning for the camps.”  The agenda included “roles and responsibilities, measures of success, budgeting and promotion” and promised “time for group discussion on how best to grow Ontario camping.”

At the end of the meeting, participants were sworn to secrecy and not permitted to share the discussions and draft documents with other members of GGC.

Our question is:  why the secrecy?  Were the topics under discussion:

a)  matters of national security or police investigation

b)  private, personal information

c)  insider information likely to cause mass sell-offs of shares in the corporation


d)  dictates likely to cause more unrest and protests from the general membership?

Unfortunately we will never know.

Should not ALL Guiders be involved in discussing how best to grow Ontario camping?  Whatever happened to Camping Advisors who had this as their mandate?  No wonder they call them “Extreme Specialty Committees”!

– Shirley

  1. Oh my God what babies, to think that they could have a secret meeting and not be caught. Good grief, I think we should hold them on that as well, Can they not face the truth, honesty, trust worthy, can we go to the media again and point out what Guiding is and not being done???

  2. Sharon Patrois permalink

    What happened to “THE SISTERHOOD OF GUIDING” in our organization?? An organization which is supposed to provide support and guidance and training in LEADERSHIP, HONESTY,DEDICATION TO PRODUCING GOOD CITIZENSHIP SKILLS IN OUR YOUNG MEMBERS.I have been a member of GIRL GUIDES OF CANADA for 50 years and an active leader for 37 years straight and never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe that our Provincial and National Councils would let us down like they have done. I am going to continue to teach our young Brownies our “CORE VALUES” and will continue to teach them their outdoor skills even without the help from councils, as I LIVE BY AND BELIEVE IN our original AIMS AND OBJECTIVES and feel they should be taught to the upcoming young generations of girls. It is a shame that the councils are pushing away GOOD leaders!!!

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