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A Guider’s point of view

by on June 14, 2010

From Debbie:

I am very concerned about Ontario Council objectively listening to Transformation Feedback and making adjustments to the new system to improve upon it.  Every time I voice any concerns, I am made to feel like I am crazy and that my concerns are not shared by other units or guiders.  I’m not nuts!  We do a Christmas Tea with 13 units and a trefoil group; all have voiced concerns except for one group.  We need some change and we need it now before all the experienced guiders leave the organization in frustration.

My biggest concern regarding camps is the lack of communications about the camps and the lack of actively training leaders and giving them the confidence to take the girls camping.  It’s a circle, new leaders are not trained and encouraged, they do not camp, camps close.  With no camping advisors, no one is promoting the use of camps.  With no camp leadership program, guiders are not going camping, instead they go to the Toronto Zoo, The Science Centre or Horse Camp.  Each one of these organizations provide camp staff to run the program and feed the girls.  These are not camps and this is not camping.

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  1. I am with you Shirley. They did not think this through and if Province has never put any money into our camps in the first place how can they have the choice of closing them? The training and promotion of camping is not there as you stated and we need to promote and we need to follow up on who has their designations for camping. How many even have OAL path, let alone Trail???
    I don’t think Province knows and we sign the SG3 off not even knowing this. With camp closures more Guiders are going to source out their activities, with those who can afford it while others flounder around wondering what they can do.
    Why can’t they put this on the table for discussion and let them explain their GREAT ideas????

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