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June 12 Quote of the Day: B.P. on Character

by on June 12, 2010

“The character of a nation depends on the individual character of its members.”

From:    B.-P.’s Outlook:  Selections from the Founder’s Contributions to ‘The Scouter’ from 1909 – 1941


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  1. Sylvia permalink

    At the recent Ontario Volunteere Service Awards held in Barrie, the Ontario Government Minister spoke glowingly about how volunteers enrich the many Ontario communities and the lives of Ontario citizens. He quoted “Volunteers are not paid – not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless!”
    At this ceremony, six long-time volunteers from the Camp Tewateno Committee received medals for their long service – 15 and 20 years. Little did the Minister or our local MPP know that these same ladies who were being warmly recognized for their dedication and work, were being fired from the Camp Tewateno Committee on June 30th, as noted in a letter received the previous week from Marnie Cumming. The reason is for non-compliance in turning over the sum of $250,000 raised by the Camp Committee to build a lodge at the camp, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Guiding. The camp Committee want assurance that the lodge will be built, as planned. The Provincial Commissioner says “Give us the money, then we’ll talk”. There have been too many lies, too much bullying, too many other camps who were left impotent when their money was taken, and their Committees disbanded in defeat. We live in the Community where the money was raised, from friends, neighbours, parents and children. We cannot justify turning these funds over to Provincial headmasters who have never set foot on our camp, who care nothing about the local people or the intention of their contributions. At a ceremony where all the other volunteers were being celebrated and praised by their organizations, the Camp Tewateno Committee volunteers must have felt very sad.

    • Sylvia,
      Have you written to the Minister and the MPP present at the awards ceremony to let them know what is happening to our camps?


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