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Replies to Q&A’s Part 2

by on June 7, 2010

A Guider replies to Ontario Council’s Q&As on camp closings:  Part 2.

11. We have had considerable community donations made towards our camp. How do we respect the donors’ wishes if the property is being sold?

These will be reviewed on an individual basis. The local team will be asked to identify issues such as this with the consultant in order to manage these situations properly on behalf of the donor and for the organization.

Reply: What guarantee do we have that this will be done properly?  Will the camp committee and donors involved be consulted?

12. There are no longer GGC camps within a reasonable distance for our Unit to use. What support will there be for our Unit?

When reviewing the final decision it was identified that some Members will no longer have a Guiding property available to them within a 2 hour drive of their Unit location. Through research, this distance has been deemed reasonable for a weekend camp.

Reply: Can we see that research, please?  We are intelligent people capable of drawing our own conclusions.  How can you say that a 2 hour drive (each way) is acceptable when, on your survey, a distance of 50 km was lumped in the same choice selection as a 700 km trip?

Therefore, the Unit Campership program has been expanded to the following:

“ Camping experiences for Units in Communities 34 (Sudbury and north of Sudbury only), 35 and 36 held at Ontario Guide owned/leased camps or locations providing similar amenities and programming opportunities as an Ontario Girl Guide camp property will be eligible for camperships. This would include locations such as provincial parks, church camps or community facilities. This does not include overnights at facilities such as Science North, Old Fort William.”

Reply: Exactly where will they find a similar place?  Provincial Parks are not appropriate places for Brownie and Spark camps for security reasons.  Not every town has a suitable church camp.  Where is the pride in ownership when we use outside facilities?  Some of our program activities cannot be done at these types of locations.

All other criteria of the Unit Campership program remains as posted on the Ontario website at

13. How can I support the camps that are remaining open?

When planning your next camp or event, choose a Girl Guide property if at all possible. The more our camps are used by our own Members, the more viable they are. You can find the properties at

Reply: The camp we were told to use was fully booked – they have no room for us.

A. Encourage your girls to attend the programs being offered at the various Girl Guide properties across the province. Check out Summer Camps or Events at to see what is available.

Reply: What about weekend camping with your unit?

B. Help us keep the overhead costs of running the sites as low as possible:
Contact the camp to see where your Unit can help out. Perhaps you could provide service to the site by being part of a set-up/take-down or clean-up day. Encourage parents to join in – there are always tasks to do that take many different skill levels.

Reply: We already do that for our local camp.  You now expect us to travel farther to help with a group that we are not a part of?

C. Volunteer to be part of a local property camp community. These teams are responsible for working with the provincial property community to oversee a specific facility.

Reply: That’s what we had been doing.

D. Promote the use of Girl Guide camps to your sister Guiders.

14. If there are further questions, where can I find answers?

Questions About the Decisions:

As questions come in they will be streamlined into a frequently asked question document that will be housed on the Ontario website. We will be updating this list of questions on a regular basis. Please note that you may not see your specific wording of a question on the document as we will group similar intent into one question.

You can contribute a question by:
• Email:
• Phone:   416 920 6666 ext 2420
1 877 323 4545 ext 2420
• Mail:    Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council
Attention: Provincial Commissioner
14 Birch Ave, Toronto, ON M4V 1C8

You can contact the Property section at:
• Website:
• Email:
• Phone: 416 920 6666 ext 2413
1 877 323 4545 ext 2413
• Mail: Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council
Attention: Property Booking
14 Birch Ave, Toronto, ON M4V 1C8


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