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Letter to National – Pathfinder, Community #2

by on June 3, 2010

To the members of Provincial and National councils.

You should NOT close Camp Peco Dah Quah and Camp Dehinda (especially camp Peco Dah Quah). I, my mother, my sister,my troop,my best friend and my former girl guide leader all love these two camps. I myself, have been going to camp Peco Dah Quah since I was a Brownie and my sister has been going since she was a Spark. I have learned everything at Camp Peco Dah Quah. I learned how to start a fire, and how to survive the wilderness! I learned to conquer my fears and find my courage! And I learned it all at Camp Peco Dah Quah.

So, by closing Camp Peco Dah Quah YOU are taking away that possibility for future generations! However, YOU can make it better. YOU can keep our camps and allow people to live and learn so that in the future people will look back on you and say “WOW, they made a GREAT choice” and people can reply “yes they did”. After all, the problems of today will be gone tomorrow.

Camping is one of the main things of Girl Guides, and by taking it away you are discouraging girls from going camping and playing outside and practically telling them to stay inside and grow unhealthy. DO YOU THINK LADY BP would have wanted that? I DON’T. I, my friends, Troop and family would be affected that way. You are shutting down the closest camps to us. If you shut down Camps Peco Dah Quah and Dehinda then you are shutting down all the camps closest to my city, Chatham-Kent. And all the camps close by several cities aswell.

So please YOU can help the future. KEEP OUR CAMPS. Make Lady BP PROUD.

Sincerely a concerned Pathfinder from Community # 2.

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