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Camp Survey

by on May 25, 2010

Camp Survey

Name: ___________________  Unit: _______________________

Town: ____________________Community # ________________

1.  Do you camp with your unit?               □  Yes                  □   No

2.  How often (per year) does your unit camp?

□   once       □  twice             □   3 x               □   4 or more

3.  Where did you camp last year?  (Check all that apply)

□  GGC camp slated  for closure  (Camp Name:_______________)

□  GGC camp remaining open            □  non-Guiding facilities

4.  Do you encourage your girls to attend GGC-sponsored camps as


□  Yes             □  No

5.  What will you do if your preferred camp is sold?

□  Travel to an open GGC facility        □  not camp with my Unit

□  Camp at a non-Guiding facility        □  leave Guiding

6.  If your preferred camp were to remain open, would you be willing to (check all that apply):

□  fundraise for the camp       □  help with maintenance

□  plan events at the camp    □  keep financial records and/or


□  other:______________      □  I am unable to help

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  1. The selling of the camps were a done deal. Did not matter how much the guiders protested.The camp survey is a mute point.

  2. Rosanne Field permalink

    I couldn’t fill in the survey.

    • shirley0 permalink

      Sorry, it is a “low tech” survey – you have to copy and paste it into your word processor, add your comments, and then send to the e-mail address as an attachment, or copy and paste back into an e-mail. Thanks!

      On My Honour group

      • Wendy Miller permalink

        I had difficulty filling this out can I suggest you recreate this on “survey monkey ” and just provide a link from this page to the survey monkey website. Survey monkey is easy to use and many organizations use it

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