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On My Honour movement featured on CBC’s “Power & Politics” with Evan Solomon

by on May 19, 2010

On Monday May 17, 2010, On My Honours’ Denise Calvert and Sylvia Dufresne were interviewed by Evan Solomon for CBC’s “Power & Politics”.

Starting at about 1 hour and 50 minutes into the show, Denise and Sylvia give an overview of our concerns and the process of Transformation that has lead us to where we are now.

To watch the show, follow this link:

As always, leave a comment below if you have something to add to the conversation.

  1. Andrew David Patrois permalink

    All members of my family have followed and BELIEVED in the teachings of Lord B. Powell. As a child, A teen, now an adult my children are involved too. I volunteered so much time growing up building and upgrading Camp Caritou as many many others have done over the years. I believe STRONGLY that the provincial leaders have forgotten the CORE values and started listening to the bankers. So I ASK them ” Put aside what you are told is the truth, and ask your own questions PLEASE”. On that note, SAVE OUR CAMP! Andrew Patrois

  2. Sharon Patrois- 30 North Bay Brownies permalink

    I am so proud to be a part of the ON MY HONOUR group. I really regretted not being with you in Toronto at the National meeting, but was at a weekend event with my Brownie unit. My husband and I both wear our ON MY HONOUR t shirts proudly!! Great job to ALL you ladies for being there for us. Hearing all about it shows that “THEY” finally know that WE exist and mean to “STAND OUR GROUND !” Hopefully Provincial and National Councils will take a second sober look at what the current Transformation policy is doing to GUIDING in Canada!! To all Canadian Guiders , this “MESS” will eventually come to you!!

  3. Great Job to all concerned. I hope in thenear future to get more involved.

  4. I am very pleased and proud of you women taking a stand and believing we are to be heard an dchange things now.
    Thank you all for the good Job, and perhaps when my life slows down a bit I will get in there with both feet.

  5. Sylvia Dufresne permalink

    I would like to urge and encourage all the Guiders who feel they have been let down by Transformation’s many changes, to join the ranks of On My Honour by joining your voice with ours at the National General Meeting on Saturday, June 5th in Mississauga. We will have t-shirts available and would appreciate your joining with other Guiding friends who feel the same, and making the effort to make a difference, to rescue Guiding in Ontario.

  6. Kimberlie Dufresne permalink

    Mom, I am so proud to be your daughter. Great interview. This will definitely help get the word out! Love you. xo

  7. Debbie McDonnell permalink

    I commend you too!!! I have been wanting to get a group going against this awful Ontario Structure for some time. But it seemed hopeless to fight such a powerful council after the policital replies I got back from my letters (or lack thereof).

    Unfortunately, I am unable to make the June 5th rally, but surely would have be there if I had known about this group a few weeks ago.

    I am interested in any meetings / group formations and have many more Guiders interested too.

    We have been let go far too long!

  8. Colette Bodogh permalink

    Great job Shirley and Denise.

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