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Transformation – A Brief History

by on May 18, 2010

Transformation – Beginnings

In January 2003, National Council approached Ontario Council to be part of test market projects being developed in Alberta and Nova Scotia to address declining membership trends.  Ontario Council agreed to be a “clean” test site for these projects.  They also requested they be permitted to develop their own project under the test market process.  National and Ontario Council entered into a joint partnership under the umbrella of test markets with Ontario’s outcome being to bring organizational change aimed at better meeting the needs of the membership.  The timeline to work on this project was 3 years.

Through a facilitated brainstorming session, the areas to focus on emerged as:

  • efficiency
  • communication
  • structure

For many months the selected Task Group members met to carefully sift through materials received from individual research, focus groups and surveys.  Slowly a framework began to emerge that was presented to Guiding through a series of Community Chats that began in Kingston at the end of June and continued throughout the summer months.

Recommendations from the Community Chats were implemented into the original framework and the final Report was presented to Ontario Council in September.  Ontario Council voted to approve the Final Report in October.

Because the current P.C. was ending her term, she felt it was important that the in-coming P.C. become the Chair of the Implementation Committee, to work towards producing creative home grown solutions to the many issues facing Guiding in Ontario.

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