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History of Camp Waupoos

by on May 18, 2010

Camp Waupoos – History

1959 – On Dec. 29th documents were signed by Quinte Area to purchase a 200 acre farm.

1960 – Official opening in June, after renovations made to the farm house, and a new     water system installed.  2,000 attended.

1962 – Grantland site building was built.

1963 – Moira Lodge was built.

1966 – Juniper Junction site building was built

– On June 26, the camp held a mortgage burning ceremony.

1967 – Unofficial estimate of campsite’s value was $40,000.

1970 – Landy site building was built.

1972 – Mr. & Mrs. Markland became caretakers of the camp.

1972 – first Da Hon Neh Area executive meeting held at Waupoos

1973 – Da Hon Neh Area assumed financial responsibility on a permanent basis.

1974 – Held the first Pennsylvania Girl Scout Exchange camp

1978 – Pennsylvania Girl Scout exchange

1980 – Mexico trippers camped

1981 – Pennsylvania Girl Scout exchange

1986 – New shelter built on Pinegrove site

1987 – New building to replace farm house started in the fall

1988 – New building completed – original farm house demolished

1990 – Electricity installed in the barn

1991 – MNR and conservation Authority helped to clear and reconstruct shoreline after

extensive damages from a severe winter.

1992 – 500 trees planted on shoreline bank.

– New well drilled for sites on south side of highway

1995 – Security fence and gate erected.

1996 – to present – general ongoing maintenance with only minor changes.


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  1. Jewel permalink

    Would be interested in an update. Has the property been sold?

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