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by on May 17, 2010


For Immediate Release



Monday, May 17, 2010: A group of concerned Girl Guide volunteers, calling themselves On My Honour, is launching a grassroots campaign to preserve the integrity and future of Guiding in Ontario. At issue is the 2007 restructuring of Guiding in Ontario which resulted in the elimination of Area, Division and District Councils throughout the entire province.

Ontario Council initiated the restructuring plan – called Transformation – in an effort to introduce cost savings and efficiencies. Instead of the promised financial and communication benefits, the On My Honour group has observed a series of disturbing trends leading them to believe that the future of Guiding in the province of Ontario is in jeopardy.

The issues for On My Honour are:

–          a substantial increase of paid staff at the provincial council level;

–          lack of accountability, communication and transparency from the provincial council to the grassroots volunteers;

–          the closing and potential sale of 16 camps throughout the province and;

–          no geographic representation of Guiding volunteers or girls.

“Members of the On My Honour group are very concerned about the current state and future of Guiding in Ontario and feel compelled to do something about it,” said Maggie Van Dusen, past Commissioner for Ontario. “We believe that Transformation has failed miserably. Instead of cost savings and efficiencies, we now have a top-heavy paid structure, where we believe an amount equal to all registrations in Ontario and half of the profits from cookie sales pay salaries at Ontario Council.”

“Even worse is a disturbing unwillingness for those at the top to be transparent and accountable to those volunteering at the grassroots level,” said Luella Nash, former Mapleway Area Commissioner and long time member of Guiding.  “Adult volunteers have been the heart and soul of Guiding in Ontario for 100 years and we feel Transformation, with its elimination of Area, Division and District Councils, has severed key lines of communication.” The test failed!

The On My Honour grassroots campaign group encourages all those interested in learning more about the failed transformation of Guiding in Ontario to visit their website at

Media inquiries should be directed to On My Honour at 705 220-4122 or 705 716-9727.

“You will do well to keep yours eyes open, in your turn, for worthy successors to whom you can, with confidence, hand the torch. Don’t let it become a salaried organization: keep it a voluntary movement of patriotic service.”

Lord Baden Powell, Founder of Scouting/Guiding

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