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Transformation: The Test Failed!

by on May 14, 2010

Supporting Points

  • In 2007, the National Council approved a request from Ontario Council to review the present structure of Guiding in Ontario to develop a better “fit” for today’s needs
  • This process of restructuring was called a “transformation”
  • The restructuring resulted in the elimination of Area, Division and District Councils throughout the entire province
  • On “high priced consultants” paper this should have allowed for efficiencies and cost-savings
  • Instead it has resulted in many more new paid staff (many more than prior to 2007) working at the Ontario Council
  • A substantial increase in paid staff during a time when fiscal restraint is critical is hard to understand or justify – especially since these staff are funded by cookie sales and registrations
  • It is believed that an amount equal to all registrations in Ontario and half of the profits from the cookie sales now goes to pay salaries at Ontario Council
  • The restructuring also resulted in no geographical representation of grassroots guiding volunteers or girls
  • Even worse, it has enabled the Provincial Council to work in isolation without transparency, accountability and open communication with front-line volunteers
  • The best example of this lack of transparency and communication is how Provincial Council has handled the closing/sale of 16 of 33 camps throughout the province
  • The closing/sale of camps in Ontario was done without consultation, transparency and open communications with the grass roots guiding volunteers and those who manage the camps at the local level
  • Without Area, Division and District Councils in place, the lines of communication have been severed
  • Accountability to front-line volunteers (the heart and soul of this historically volunteer-driven organization) has been diminished

The transformation “test” has failed miserably. It has not resulted in cost-savings and efficiencies, but rather has led to a top-heavy paid structure as well as a lack of communication, transparency, geographic representation and accountability.


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  1. I agree with you Megan. If we are registered members of this organization and supposedly members, how it it that we have let things go on this long? It is mind boggling to say the least. I liked your last sentence, “tell us, the volunteers, what’s wrong and we will find a way”. This is exactly why it has come to this. Some of us have send numerous emails and letters to Province with no feedback. Even letters to National have yielded that they defer to Ontario. We have lost confidence in our leaders. They are not listening to their members. I hope you are able to attend the National AGM in June. We are hoping to make our concerns known.

  2. Megan permalink

    I’d simply like to know how an organization based on volunteerism survived 100 years without the level of paid staff that is now apparently requiring to operate? Do we really need staff to do the jobs that volunteers have been doing for years? Do some of those staff need to be paid the salaries that they are paid? The organization is meant to profit the girls, not the decision makers who want job security.

    I’d also like to know why they think it is beneficial to the organization to make their decisions in private? For 100 years when Girl Guides have met a challenge they have confronted it and overcome it. That’s what we teach our girls to do. And yet with this so-called financial crisis that Girl Guides has reached the Council has become close-lipped. It is foolish to remain silent on the problems of Girl Guides when you have a willing and able volunteer base that has been turning problems into solutions for a century.

    Tell us, the volunteers, what’s wrong, and we will find a way. Keeping us in the dark is doing nothing but harbouring distrust.

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