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Letter to National – Marian

by on May 12, 2010

Chris Burton
Girl Guide Commissioner for Canada
50 Merton St.,Toronto, ON  M4S1A3

29 April, 2010

Dear Chris,

I am writing this letter to you today hoping that you will reconsider your decision to sell the property of Camp Klahanie.

On March 2, 1973 my late husband, John C. Hindmarsh and I signed a deed concerning six acres in Goderich Township. We “sold” it for $1 to the Girl Guide Land Corporation. The deed states it was given “for its sole and only use forever”. In the Bill of Donors Rights for donors to the Girl Guides of Canada, Item 4 says:

“To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given”

Our gift was part of a plan organized by the Local Association of Guides and Brownies to create a camp to be used by the girls who belonged to the Girl Guide organization in the communities of Goderich and Bayfield. At that time, the Goderich Lions Club and others who would donate and volunteer in the future were involved.

For nearly 40 years this camp has thrived under local leadership and volunteer support. They have done well financially.

Last week the Goderich Signal-Star reported that the Provincial organization of the Girl Guides had decided to sell the land. Local campers and supporters held a rally at the camp during the consultant’s visit. The local newspapers, radio and TV stations in the area, including London, sent reporters to get the story in their news programs and newspapers.

I feel personally responsible for this situation. My friends in Lions tell me that their group has spent hundreds of hours erecting buildings on this land. Campers and their parents and friends and volunteers are upset. Is there not some way that Camp Klahanie could be given a trial period to prove its financial stability? Or would it be possible to hand it back to the local community so that they could organize a foundation to maintain it for future use of area youth? Many people locally would give a loud cheer!

Yours truly,

Marian Hindmarsh

Cc: Melody Pounder
Deb Bell
Marnie Cummings

Marnie’s response is posted here:

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