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News Article: Hope for Girl Guide Camp

by on May 2, 2010

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Hope for Girl Guide Camp

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Central Huron

by Dianne Colgan

A glimmer of hope for the Goderich and Bayfield girl guides.

Guide Leader Melody Falconer-Pounder says the municipality of Central Huron has shown some interest in potentially buying Camp Klahanie.

She says while there’s no official word yet, Central Huron is interested because the camp is the last youth-oriented property in the municipality.

After a protest last week, the local guide troops received sympathy but no new information from a consultant who went through the camp to prepare it for sale.

Falconer-Pounder says there were about thirty people there to meet the Girl Guides of Canada consultant, who was surprised by the group.

Falconer-Pounder says it’s a slap in the face that the camp is even being sold.

When the Girl Guides of Canada restructured in 2007 and claimed their ownership of the camp, they told the local camp leaders that it wouldn’t be sold.

The land for the camp was sold for a dollar to the Goderich and Bayfield girl guides by a local conservationist many years ago.


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  1. Joanne – Actually the conference call for Camp Klahanie was very similar to the one you are describing for Camp Caritou…one of our Guiders actually had her follow her in her car to the camp from the closest town. The one thing I have been struggling with since the whole start of this horrible process is the fact that everyone supposedly in the “know” that I have talked to has said to me…”Well, I don’t know your camp.” My response to them has been, “Well, if you don’t know our camp, how can you close it?”

  2. Joanne Schmidt permalink

    Hi – I’m glad that there were Guiding members to meet the consultant who came to Camp Klahanie. If it was the same person who led the initial conference calls to tell each camp committee about the disposal process, and if she really was surprised to find out that people were still concerned about the closing, I think that she’s been hiding her head in the sand in the last five months.
    It also seems that the Ontario Council, a group of women who seem impossible to clearly identify, also believes that if you ignore the criticism and don’t respond to questions, then it will all all go away. It has seemed impossible to get any answers about the decision making process and timeline. It’s great that a group of dedicated Guiders has started this :”On My Honour ” site. I hope it helps the cause.
    On the bright side, the consultant who came to Klahanie obviously did know where it was located. I am a member of the Camp Caritou committee and when we had our “disposal” conference call in November, aa few minutes into the call we were asked where it was located, and where we lived. It appeared that there had been no background preparation. However we were assured by the lady that our concerns “would be passed on”. We’re still waiting for full answers to our many questions. Perhaps we ‘re still just a point on a GPS.

    Joanne Schmidt, a proud Guider

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